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Fitzgerald Jewelers

Fitzgerald Jewelers - Not The Same Story

Why is it that all diamond jewelry ads tell the same story? They all drone on about how to make two-month's salary last a lifetime. Or, a diamond is forever...yada, yada, yada. We don't understand it. No one talks about what you're actually buying.

Compositionally, it is the simplest of all stones. (You can't get much simpler that two carbon atoms bonded together.) Actually a diamond is unique - each one was created, literally, the moment the universe began and took over 100,000,000,000 years to "grow" into the stone you hold in your hand. No other stone can say that. A diamond isn't just forever, it's from the beginning of forever.

When it came to our ad campaign, we wanted to take a different approach. One that let people know exactly what that sparkling stone mounted on their ring was. Why it is so rare and valuable. We wanted an approach that helped people understand what a diamond is and exactly what they are buying.

Our solution? Create a campaign that puts the diamond in an unexpected context. What does that sound like? Well, rather than just buying a rare stone, they're buying a bookmark from the history of our planet. It's about the mystique behind the stone.

The magazine and newspaper campaign focused on this point by using statements that gave consumers a different way of looking at a diamond.

Unabashedly, the ultimate goal was to build traffic into the stores and sell more diamonds.

The ultimate results: More traffic. More sales.

Produced while at Mousetrap Advertising & Marketing.