About Me

  • Why Would You Want To Work With Me?

    I won't accept ordinary for an answer. Great work... That's what I live for. (That, and really good pasta.) I'm fanatic about creating cutting-edge advertising and marketing. Stuff that honestly works. So I dig to find the unexpected. The stone left unturned. The missing link. You know, the road less traveled that puts a client way out in front of the pack.

  • The Kitchen Sink.

    Basically, if it's marketing or advertising, I do it. But no wham, bam, here's an ad! That's no way to work. And it's no way to create advertising that shakes the world. If you're looking for drive-thru service, get a burger. I work with people who want the best work they can get.

  • Sun-Tsu, Napoleon, and David Ogilvy.

    Know yourself. Know your enemy. Know your consumer. Here's a quick summary of my approach: He who builds brand loyalty, holds the high ground. (Possibly, Confucius might have said that.)

    I focus on the company. Where the truth is. Because the truth brings the right customers to you. And that's where a real brand begins. So when I work on a project I get to know the company better than their own mother. I dissect the competition and their strategies. I discover the insights they overlooked. Then, I get into the consumer's head. Under their skin. Then I get the consumer to invite you to their party.

    I'm not into hostility. But sometimes I'll say, "No." It's not that I want to argue. But I'm the guardian of your persona. I take that seriously. And I need to make sure everything - EVERYTHING - agrees with the strategy. So I'll always say what's best for the campaign. No matter how much it hurts. Why would you respect me if I didn't?

  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others.

    3,000 advertising messages a day. Everyday. No wonder people try to ignore them. Ordinary advertising doesn't work anymore. Today, advertising's gotta stand out like a skyscraper in a trailer park. That's why I'll never give you the expected, the run of the mill, the ordinary. Call it what you will, you won't get it here. My work breaks through the clutter. It touches hearts and minds. It involves people. Whether it's thoughtful, wacky, profound, irreverent, loud or serene, it will have impact. It will make a statement. It will say something. It will not please all the people. Just the right ones.

  • Obligatory Awards Section.

    Awards aren't why I do this. But I've been fortunate enough to have been handed a few. Including the TELLYS, New York Film Festivals, New York Art Directors Club, ADDYS, a Silver Lion, GLOBALS, The Beldings, EFFIES, the LULUS and the CLIOS.

  • Okay, So Vanilla It Ain't.

    Unusual, granted. Maybe even a bit eccentric. But the usual solutions won't get you noticed. If you're ready to stand out. If you want people to listen, you have to be ready to say something. Well, are you?

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