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ghd Hair Care

Since revolutionising hairstyling with the launch of its first styler, ghd (good hair day) remains true to its founding idea: the spirit of transformation. In addition to its iconic stylers, which continue to be a cult must-have for women in search of beautiful hair, new product line ghd "Style" and a collection of professional brushes round-out the ghd range.

When originally, the ghd campaign had issues that were at odds with the clarity of the campaign strategy. In fact, there were a number of strategies mixed together. For example, a tag line: "A New Religion in Hair Care" used cherub-like characters but made no connection with the campaign. The copy felt convoluted and misdirected. As was the overall layout and typographic style a disconnect with the balance of the imagery. The imagery was over-executed and harsh as well, creating a feeling that worked in opposition to the nature of the brand and product.

So we choose to clarify and focus the concept so as to draw attention to the real position strategy by eliminating disconnected elements and simplifying the overall message. By focusing on the true brand benefit we felt the message was stronger and more on-point.

Produced while at Critical Mass Creative Group.