DJ&F International

It's one thing to develop a great product, and it's another to market it properly.

That's especially true in the constantly changing automotive aftermarket world. And DJ&F International focuses on speciality marketing for the automotive aftermarket industry.

With professionals experienced in magazine publishing, motorsports, street performance, vehicle restoration, and most other forms of enthusiast motoring activities they understand the needs of new and established marketers...and the dynamics of product distribution for the automotive aftermarket. They manage public relations, product placement, media, marketing, event and trade show planning and design and build outrageous custom-built project vehicles.

We were asked to develop a new corporate ID program for DJ&F. One that stood out and brought a new look and feel to their marketing materials. They wanted a fresh, unique look that stayed true to their automotive roots. We designed a clean contemporary style for all the DJ&F collateral and corporate ID items - starting with designing a new logo. Since DJ&F worked in the automotive market, we created a logo based around a car speedometer. But added our own "top speed" indicator.

Produced while at Mousetrap Advertising & Marketing.