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Best Carbide Cutting Tools

Best Carbide Cutting Tools Catalog Series

Established in 1980, Best Carbide Cutting Tools, Inc., was formed by Salvador Nunez, Sr. in his one-car garage. Today, still owned by the Nunez family, Best Carbide has grown to a five-building complex with over 60 full-time employees. Best Carbide operates the most modern CNC machines and precision grinding equipment to produce high precision crafted cutting tools for industrial use.

Needing to stand out against competition from massive corporations including Hitachi, Best Carbide needed a new look. A unique look. We began by designing their new catalog series. The approach was quite different from any of the other cutting tool manufacturers, because it focused on the beauty and detail of the cutting surface of a typical tool. The stark simplicity of the catalog covers helped set Best Carbide apart from all the other manufacturers.

Inside the catalogs, the usually complex tool data was put into a simple, easy to read, format.

Produced while at Critical Mass Creative Group.