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The Jaguar XJ line has a long history indeed, with the first model released in 1968. The original model was the last Jaguar saloon to have had the input of Sir William Lyons, the company's founder.

Certain things in life are timeless. Like the Jaguar XJ sedan, a good single-malt scotch, and the sultry voice of Etta James singing “At Last.”

James’ talent had the ability to cross musical and cultural barriers. Like the Jaguar brand, she appealed to both white-collar and blue-collar audiences. So it was a natural combination with the reintroduction of the 1995 Jaguar XJ. Although “At Last” was used to advertise the Jaguar XJ in 1995, the power of the commercial still resonates beyond the original ad campaign.

To this day, many consumers view the song and the images of luxury, as well as the Jaguar XJ, as inseparable.

Produced while at Ogilvy & Mather.


View the "New 1995 XJ Series" television commercial: