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  • Consumer 2-Page Magazine Ad

Infinity Audio - All About Music

A speaker, is a speaker, is a speaker. Right? Well, not always. Well-known for their Studio Monitor (professional recording studio) line, Infinity Audio Systems revamped their consumer product line with new technology. And some significant changes occurred. Their equipment sounded as good as many elite audiophile lines. They also introduced a new satellite system called the Modulus and a smaller component system dubbed the Infinitesimal.

What made the new speakers so spectacular? New driver technology used injection molded graphite (IMG) cones, producing efficient sound with very crisp, sharp sound presence (read: sounds real).

The challenge was to promote the new technology and why it's better. Introduce the new product lines: Modulus and Infinitesimal. And build the awarness of Infinity's name and increase sales across all product lines.

We developed a campaign based on what all the new technology means to the consumer. Truer sound, in smaller components.

We synthesized this down into a brand statement: "We get you back to what it's all about. Music."

The campaign focused on the sound, the subtle nuances in live music that are lost in most speaker systems. In other words: What the speaker does for the listener.

Sales increased 23% within first year. Infinitesimal became the best selling new product line in the company's history. The Modulus (a $20,000 system) pre-sold 500 units before it was available for sale in retail stores.

That sounded good to us.

Produced while at Orenstein Savage Advertising.