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Hawaiian Humane Society

The Hawaiian Humane Society was organized in 1883. Their elfare efforts aimed more at work animals than pet cats or dogs at the time. Even then, education was a top priority. In a time when animal information was very basic, it fell to those founding members to raise public awareness about the proper care, feeding and humane treatment of animals. The vision of those early pioneers guides the Society's efforts even today.

The Hawaiian Humane Society's mission is one full of challenges and opportunities. Since 1942, their busy shelter in the heart of Moiliili has become a community hub for animal lovers featuring programs and services focused on strengthening the human-animal bond: rescuing the abused, engaging volunteers, fighting for better laws and caring for more than 20,000 animals a year.

As an animal welfare organization, the Society is also very much a people business. Educating young and old and working to find solutions to the challenges of a diverse and fast-growing community. They are Oahu’s only open-admissions shelter open every day of the year. The Hawaiian Humane Society believes that there must be a place that all animals are welcome.

Our community service campaign was developed to highlight the need to have an ID tag on all pets. In this way, pet owners needed to understand the importance of being able to identify a pet and return it safely to its owner.

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