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Critical Mass Creative Group

Critical Mass Creative Group literally started from scratch. We built the full-service advertising and marketing agency from the ground up. As a new start-up of a larger communications company, Critical Mass needed its own brand and marketing materials to be developed from the outset. So our first project was to create ourselves: Everything from the initial name and logo, to monthly newsletters, to internal forms, to a website.

The concept of Critical Mass was based as much on the name as on a creative philosophy. The existence of sufficient momentum in a system such that that momentum becomes self-sustaining and fuels further growth, became the agency's name and mantra. Because the right group of the right people can create a critical mass effect that is self-sustaining and expanding.

The approach of Critical Mass can be summed up quite well in our industry ad: “Great advertising and marketing isn’t rocket science. It’s harder.
Basically, if it’s marketing or advertising (you know, the hard stuff)
we do it. Everything from logo design and brand strategy to broadcast production. From brochures and POP displays to full-blown ad campaigns. But whatever work we do, rest assured, it’ll stand out like the Space Shuttle in a used car lot.”

In the first two years of operation, Critical Mass built a substantial list of clients including: North American Scientific; ghd Hair Styling Products; Don Sebastiani & Sons winery; ProVision Interactive Media; Holden Color: Quality Home Loans: Best Carbide Cutting Tools: SudzzFX Hair Care Products; International Beauty Group; and, Wireless Capital Partners, LLC.

Produced while at Critical Mass Creative Group.